Whenever I think back on my childhood, around the holidays, I always come back to the memory of how my grandparents spoiled me and my two sisters with gifts. I took my time opening them up, meticulously peeling off the tape and unfolding the ribbon and paper, so I could reuse it again. I would use my collections to rewrap other gifts for other family & friends the following year. I felt the packaging was too beautiful to just tear and throw away. I salvaged as much as I could going through the pile after everyone was finished.

Sadly every holiday season, there is an additional one million tons of extra waste produced from single use packaging / party / gift supplies a week! Eight thousand tons of that waste comes from wrapping paper. Which uses approximately 50,000 trees to produce. If each family made a small change and used reusable materials just at the holidays it would not only save them money each year, but it would also save a ton of trees!

Now older, I’m able to help in my own little way. I have worked with my husband, Mark designing versatile patterns that can be reused for many different celebrations throughout the year. We also source most of our supplies locally and use as many eco-friendly processes / materials as possible. Our vision was to take items that would normally be tossed after a single use and turn them in beautiful product that can be enjoyed and shared over again. 

Thanks for being a little part of the big picture together with us.

Tiffany & Mark,